Blonde & Grey

Heartfelt, insightful, moving, fun, soft & medium rock & roll and some pop music sound too with the sweet fragrance of the flute throughout. Comparisons to Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Spanky and Our Gang.

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Kathy Olsen and Neil Friend share a performing spark that’s impossible to duplicate and it’s tantalizing to consider where they will go from here. They haven’t hemmed themselves in stylistically, far from it, so there’s nothing they can’t do. Blonde & Grey’s Face the Music is, with any luck, the start of something special.

IndieShark Magazine

Neil Friend and Kathy Olsen have a natural feel for working with each other that you don’t often stumble on, but their album Face the Music sparkles thanks to their chemistry.


Melody Maker Magazine

Neil Friend

Guitar, Vocals

NF Leaning on Wall

Kathy Olsen

Flute, Ukulele, Vocals


KO In Stride


About Us

Blonde & Grey is a music group formed by Kathy Olsen and Neil Friend. From time to time, various talented guests sit in and play along., Kathy sings, plays flute and ukulele and Neil plays guitar and sings.

A couple of years into playing together at a local weekly jam, Kathy & Neil decided to play a few songs at an open-mic that included some original songs written by Neil. After doing this for a while, we decided to make it an official duo and came up with the incredible band name: Blonde & Grey.

Okay, maybe incredible is a little over the top. The name choice is obvious to some; to others, we like to say that someone already took the name “The Beatles,” so this was our second choice.

While playing out, they worked on writing and recording their debut album Face the Music, which includes the singles Mud Mills Road, All Day, and Gracie’s Grace.

Kathy and Neil play out as much as possible and perform live streaming events playing their own songs as well as a wide variety of other catchy tunes from the last 60 years or so.

Blonde & Grey is located in the Danbury, CT area and is interested in playing at your establishment. B&G is also available for private or public events. Will travel a bit if it all makes sense.

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