Mud Mills Road Historical Song Versions

Hi there – thanks for signing up with Blonde & Grey. In this bundle you will find 6 historical versions of Mud Mills Road dating all the way back to 1979. While I cannot be certain, I believe the song was written in ‘77-‘78 but it may have been ‘79.

Mud Mills Road actually exists in Orange County, New York, USA. However, the intent for the song about a location of this type is universal.

Included here and in the downloadable bundle is the best and latest version which is now a single and available everywhere. While Kathy and I were rehearsing one day we took a shot at Mud Mills, and her flute just brought the whole song together for me. So, I recorded it again from scratch – knowing a lot more now about the process – asked Marian to sing some backing vocals again and added Kathy on vocals and flute. We now have what I consider a fantastic version. Hope you like it!

Everything in the downloadable bundle is also included on this page so you don’t have to download it – but you certainly can if you want to.

-Neil Friend

Mud Mills Road 1979

1979: This was recorded using two reel-to-reel tape recorders. Tracks were “bounced” to allow for what I think is 4 tracks. Vocals & harmonica, Acoustic guitar, Electric Guitar, Korg Synthesizer bass (a very early model)

MMR 1979 Walden Jam

1979 – Walden Jam: Recorded with one microphone to a reel-to-reel. I shared a house with a few guys that were in a band. It has me on vocals & guitar, Loren on harmonica, Larry on drums (actually a coffee table I still have) and Bryant who had just picked up the fiddle and was learning it. He’s a great musician – had probably heard the original recording once but already has the musical hook down. A couple of years later I would be in a band with Loren & Larry.

MMR 1996 Home Studio

1996: After being away from music for more than a dozen years or so and in the computer field I decided to try the new digital recording software available. This was recorded using Cakewalk. Probably about 7-8 tracks. While faster than dealing with reel-to-reel tape it was particularly challenging unless one worked in it all the time.

Mud Mills Road 2013

2013: My attempt to revive my music interests in ’96 didn’t last long, and years went by before getting serious about it again. Amazed at the capabilities of smart phones, this was recorded on an iPhone 4 in one take. It’s the first time I toyed with idea of adding an instrumental verse – a harmonica in this version. Also, a lyric change happened as I replaced “Ladies” with “People” in the chorus.

MMR 2015 – October

2015 – October: This was the start of recording as “Long Time Friend” with Marian. This may have been the first track we did, and I was just learning how to use Studio One recording software. We were not sure where it was going at the time. We were recording this, but we ended up releasing the CD “Matter to You” (LTFBand.com) but Mud Mills didn’t make the cut – fortunately (explained below).  What is unique about this version is Marian sang lead on the second verse as well as her many harmonies.

MMR 2015 – November

2015 – November: Just a month later I had incorporated drums into our recording. I also added electric guitar for the lead hook – like in the past. I never felt that good about the final sound so we shelved it.

Well I’ve spent some time driving down and looking round
On old Mud Mills Road
Got a whole world for you, With a brand new view
Got a date with beauty and a feeling all through my soul

Down on Mud Mills people come and go through the night
Down on Mud Mills with our hearts full everything feeling right
Gonna take you there tonight

There by the side of the road there’s some folks I know
And the game they play is just looking for a place to go
Lost between the law and the right and who’s staying overnight
And the pretty pictures playing down on the movie show

Down on Mud Mills people come and go through the night
Down on Mud Mills with our hearts full everything feeling right
Gonna take you there tonight

And it’s a fine time now to feel alright
I’ve done no wrong being here alone with you tonight
Yes it’s a fine time now to feel alright
And I feel alright tonight

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